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Our group seminars/meetings are normally held at 1.10pm on Thursdays.

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7th October Lisa Hall (Newcastle) Thermal effects on inflation K14
14th October Group Meeting

Wed 20th October 2pm

Durmus Demir (IZTECH, Turkey) A journey to short distances E39 (Media Room)
21st October Durmus Demir (IZTECH, Turkey) Split supersymmetry Lecture Theatre 4
28th October John Foster New Higgs effects in B-physics in supersymmetry with general flavour mixing Lecture Theatre 4
4th November Carsten van de Bruck Non-standard inflationary scenarios Lecture Theatre 4
11th November Dan Hooper (Oxford) The particle physics reach of high-energy neutrino astronomy Lecture Theatre 4
18th November Nick Mavromatos (Kings) Prospects for detection of quantum gravity Lecture Theatre 4
25th November David Cerdeno (Durham) Direct detection of neutralino dark matter in the NMSSKM Lecture Theatre 4
2nd December Elizabeth Winstanley QFT on curved spacetimes Lecture Theatre 4
9th December Phil Young QFT on N-dimensional black holes Lecture Theatre 4

Other seminars of interest

Applied Mathematics


High Energy Particle Physics and Particle Astrophysics