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Our group seminars/meetings are normally held at 1.10pm on Thursdays.

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11th September Iain Brown (University of Heidelberg) Media Room (E39)
10th October Licia Verde (Institute for Space Sciences, ICE/CSIC, Barcelona) Observational Cosmology; Why Should You Care Lecture Theatre 7
25th October Cliff Burgess (McMaster University, Perimeter Institute, CERN) Brane Cosmology Media Room (E39)
15th November Roberto Ruiz de Austri (UAM, Madrid) Bayesian Approach to SUSY Searches Media Room (E39)
28th November Philippe Brax (Saclay) Dark Energy & Supergravity Media Room (E39)
17th April Vappu Reijonen (Helsinki) f(R) Theories of Gravity Media Room (E39)

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