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Our group seminars/meetings are normally held at 1.10pm on Thursdays.

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19th January Theocharis S. Kosmas (Univ. of Ioannina, Greece) Direct Detection of CDM: Realistic calculations for the event rates in various nuclear targets Media Room (E39)
9th March (11am) Glenn Starkman(Oxford/Case Western) Is the Universe out of tune? Media Room (E39)
27th April Anupam Mazumdar (NORDITA) MSSM comsology Media Room (E39)
4th May Osamu Seto (Sussex) Is gravitino dark matter compatible with Affleck-Dine baryogenesis? Media Room (E39)
16th November Brien Nolan (Dublin) Bounds for scalar waves and odd-parity perturbations in self-similar gravitational collapse Media Room (E39)
23th November Jochen Weller (University College London) Modified Gravity as an alternative for Dark Energy Media Room (E39)
30th November Damien Easson (Durham University) Modified Gravity, IR Curvature Bounds and Cosmology Media Room (E39)

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