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Our group seminars/meetings are normally held at 1.10pm on Thursdays.

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20th January Jihn E. Kim (Seoul, Korea) Axions Lecture Theatre G
27th January Dean Morgan What can neutrinos tell us about quantum mechanics? Lecture Theatre G
3rd February Anne Green An overview of "Earth-mass dark-matter haloes as the first stuctures in the early Universe" by Diemand, Moore and Stadel Lecture Theatre G
24th February Philippe Brax (Saclay) Chameleon cosmology Lecture Theatre G
3rd March Jae Sak Lee (Manchester) Probing resonant Higgs-sector CP violation at a photon collider Lecture Theatre G
21st April Ki-Young Choi Big Bang Nucleosynthesis and Relic Particle Decay Lecture Theatre G
28th April Anthony Brookfield/Carsten van de Bruck Neutrino models of dark energy Lecture Theatre G
5th May Karim Malik (Lancaster) Recent developments in cosmological perturbation theory Lecture Theatre G
12th May Mark Hindmarsh (Sussex) WIMP dark matter and the QCD equation of state (hep-ph/0501232) Lecture Theatre G
19th May Jason Baxter Existence and behaviour of hair black holes in SU(N) Lecture Theatre G
1th December Roberto Trotta (Oxford University) Bringing the cosmic neutrino background into the limelight Media Room (E39)

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