Undergraduate Teaching:

In the past I have taught mathematical methods for engineers and quantum theory for mathematics students. Currently I teach the following modules:
  • Mathematical Investigations (I teach the part on “Introduction to Programming with Python”)
  • Mathematics for Physicists (first year module, vector analysis)
  • Analytical Dynamics and Introduction to Classical Field Theory

Postgraduate Student Supervision:

If you are interested in doing a PhD under my supervision or are interested what I am currently working on, please contact me. Generally, you need to apply by the end of February in order to apply for funding.

Current PhD students:

  • Gregory Sculthorpe (Dark Energy Interactions, CMB physics; writing up)
  • Susan Vu (Inflationary cosmology, cosmological perturbations; finishing soon)
  • Mathew Robinson (Inflationary cosmology)
  • Jack Morrice (Dark energy and disformal couplings)
  • Laura Paduraru (Starobinsky inflation, its extensions and embeddings in supergravity)

Previous PhD students:

  • Patrick Ashcroft (at Cambridge University, jointly with Anne Davis)
  • Anthony Brookfield
  • Joel Weller